Wednesday, October 7, 2009

79 days until Christmas

I love Christmas. There are so many good things about Christmas. Jesus came to earth to be our Savior. That alone is a wonderful thing. It's such a great truth to be able to read with your kids. And our reason to celebrate Christmas. It is the popular saying, "Jesus is the reason for the season" But Christmas has also become a family season for us. We try to spend extra special time with the kids. Do extra special things. It isn't about presents but family. Traditions. Fun. Family.

This year I am doing 3 presents for each family member. (and 1 family gift) It really takes the emphasis off presents and onto the season. This is actually a tad hard for me. I love to buy presents. I love seeing there faces when they open something they will love. But three presents gives us another way to get back to the story of Jesus' birth. The wise men brought baby Jesus three gifts, well at least listed, so they will be fine with 3 themselves.

I am actually done buying for Alicia! I have been saving money and amazon gift cards and as good sales came out over the last 2 months I have bought and put things away. I was so thrilled when I ordered her last present a few days ago. So nice to know I will not be rushing around in December. I will be making cookies with the kids, decorating ornaments, going and looking at lights. Ben will take them on dates, we may go to the zoo lights, the list goes on and on. No stress in my house this year. Just some good ol fun.

What fun things do you do as a family at your house. I would love to try some new creative things this season.


Smiles said...

We always slept out in the living room under the Christmas Tree as a family. Even now we go to my parents on Christmas Eve for it.... It's tradition!

momaof4 said...

Love the three gift idea. But we might go down to one. It's one of those years :) But I hope to have a bit more time with the kids too!!! Love fall and Christmas.

lizzabug said...

We have a little wooden treasure chest that I painted (got at michaels) and we write letters to Christ and put them in it as his "gift". We write things we are grateful for or things we want to improve on etc.
The first year the kids weren't so into it, but now they can't have Christmas without it.

AND 79 days, great I was supposed to make stockings. Think I can still do it? I don't know. Is your birthday coming up or did I miss it? It's oct right?

February Jill said...

We started something new last year that was a lot of fun. We have a family game night with a white elephant (read: gag gift) exchange at the end. So fun!


momaof4 said...


Love you to the moon and back. Thanks for being a great friend and someone I know I can talk to and poor it all out and you know just what to say or not say. Love you sweet friend.