Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I finished book 41 for the year today, and got to wondering where I am in my goal of one book a week in 2009. 41 books may sound good but I need to read 11 more books and there only 9 more weeks. I need to pick up the pace. Thankfully I do have about 4 books half read but they have not held my attention. But I will try to finish those up and that may help. We'll see, but at least I will know that I came close.

Tonight is Family Fun Night at our church. Ethan has been asking almost every day how many days until tonight. They get to wear costumes and do fun games.

Which reminds me of another bad mommy moment. Alicia wanted to be a TIGER for Halloween. She LOVES animals. So I told her I would get some orange clothes and we would put black tape on for stripes. I would order a tail and some ears. So I did all that. Or so I thought. On Friday the ears and tail came. Except I am not an animal person and didn't think much about ordering a LION set.

So a male lion mane came and well, lions are not orange with stripes. To top it off on Sunday I checked the status of the clothes I had ordered and found I never ordered them. So Alicia's outfit pretty much fell apart.

So we went to Shopko Sunday night and they were thoroughly picked over. We were about to leave and decided to check one more time and found a disco girl dress. She loves it and I think she will pull off a hippie retro girl well.

So that is all the random thoughts I can think of right now.


momaof4 said...

That is funny. Sorry. But it makes me laugh!

Carla said...

I saw Ben and Alicia (she looked great~~so sparkly!), but where were you and Ethan? My girls were eagerly anticipating this night as well~~SUGARFEST! :)

God Made Playdough said...

Ack! I still need to read 11 more for my goal of 30! :( Last year I reached that goal easily, I don't know what happened this year!