Tuesday, October 20, 2009

need some Help

So as I have been thinking about and getting ready for Christmas I have been going through rooms and closets getting rid of things. I guess for me it would be called fall cleaning. (I never have the energy in the spring to spring clean. But I do in the fall.) ANYWAY, I was looking at the present Ben gave me last year. I really wanted it. Was so excited to open it but it never worked. Ben got me a very nice blender but he got it at Linens and Things before they went out of business. We were never able to return it and when I called the company that made it they needed a receipt. Ben tossed the receipt knowing all sales were final at Linens and Things. OOPS.

ANYWAY, I would love to find someone who is good at fixing things to take a look at it. It does turn on but just doesn't blend. Do you guys know someone who could fix my blender? I could pay about $20.00 but not much more then that. I am desperate! We still have our old one but it is WEAK.

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momaof4 said...

funny our blender needs fixing too! Motor went out. I keep meaning to have darren look at it. If he fixes ours I'll send him your way :)