Monday, October 5, 2009

meal planning

I used to meal plan. Until summer started. I like to have things planned out and this includes dinner. It helps me save money and it helps me from becoming lazy and wanting to go out. One of my friends asked me about meal planning today. I gave her my few hints and then told her I would get back to it and make up a schedule today or tomorrow and give it to her to get an idea of what mine look like.

But when I go to make the schedule I NEVER, no matter that I created one last month, NEVER know what to make. :) I get stuck in a rut. Tonight I decided to use some mashed potatoes up and have made shepherds pie for the first time for dinner tonight! Hope it turns out, as I pretty much did not follow directions so I could make it gluten-free and use what I have in the house. BUT. . .I need more new recipes. Otherwise I do the same things, tacos, lasagna, chicken pot pie, steak, pork chops, tamale pie, etc. I want some new fun recipes! For example I know next week I am going to make some orange chicken. That will be new for us. We usually only buy that at a restaurant.

Do you girls meal plan? Do you have a fun recipe you are willing to share post here on my blog?


The Theisen Twosome said...

I actually do meal planning too. It is really helpful. Here are some links to some recipes that I really like. I think they are gluten free.
Cashew Chicken

Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup - you could use wild rice. I love this soup and I am not a huge soup fan

We are having baked potatoes with all the toppings on it one time this week.

This is a breakfast item but I love it and want to share.

We seem to have most of the same things every two weeks too. It is hard to come up with new recipes. Even though I look all over the internet.

red-headed Wilson's said...

Hey, thanks Kimberly! I forgot I wanted to do that soup recipe. Though I have found I really don't care for lemon around my food. :)

The Theisen Twosome said...

You can leave out the lemon it would just be chicken broth. I think I have done that before. I am looking forward to the 17th.

Duo Na said...

Chicken Potato Casserole is one of our recent favorites.... Not sure if there's gluten or not though. :o)

momaof4 said...

Funny, must be the time of year that we need easy meals?
I just got together with 5 friends and we are going to cook 6 different meals, enought for 6 families, freeze them, and then use them as we need. What is fun about this, is we are all picking a meal we want to 6 girls, 6 ideas. :)

I love different meals! I am trying something new a lot this year. Just tired of the same old.

lizzabug said...

I HAVE to plan meals. We do a lot of stir fry.
Do you like tilapia? Allrecipes has a parmesean tilapia that is really good. I also broil it with just some cajun spice sprinkled on. I love it because it cooks in like 5 minutes and is really healthy.

February Jill said...

Hmmm... we like to have quiche, and also soups are high on our list this time of year. It's very cozy. I like potato cheese soup.