Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Moon, the movie

So New Moon comes out next month. I wasn't too much of a fan of the first movie. I really enjoyed the books, but felt like the movie was missing something. That said I am looking forward to this movie. I felt like Stephanie Meyer's series just got better as she wrote more. I am a Jacob fan. Sorry Edward followers. So I am excited to see what this movie does with that story line.

The small theater here in town is showing the movie at midnight the first night it is out. I am contemplating going and seeing my first midninght showing of a movie. But I would be going alone and I still have to get up in the morning to take kids to school and be in Ethan's classroom that morning as well. So I can't decide. I know I can definitely wait to see it, it's more the feeling like I am getting old and should be able to do some fun, crazy things like I did in college. :) It shouldn't be such an ordeal to decide if I am going to a movie.

What do you guys think? When, if at all, are you going to see this movie?


lizzabug said...

So, I did read the books but am not a fan like the rest of the world. Pretty much I kept reading waiting for the good parts. I too like Jacob much more than creepy Edward. I still haven't seen the first movie. But, I would go with you at midnight if I were close because- yes- you should do crazy things.

The Theisen Twosome said...

If Amy and I were close we could go to the movie and get chinese food to relive the college days.
You should try it. You can take a nap after you take Ethan to school.

February Jill said...

Well I saw the first one at the premier midnight showing with a theatre packed full of excited people and that made the movie more fun. I thought Twilight the movie was a tad lame but expect New Moon to be much better since they now have the budget and are trying to live up to hype. I recommend going at midnight, but find someone to go with you! It's fun. I'd go with you if we lived a little closer.


KLB said...

Jacob fan!!! What???!! How? why?
I am Edward all the way.
I am going to the movie, but not the midnight showing. I am way too old!

momaof4 said...

I'd go with you!! I haven't even read them yet....But I love doing crazy stuff with my girls :)

When does it come out?