Thursday, March 4, 2010

AWANA night

This year I am not working in AWANA. It has been nice to have 2 hours to myself as Ben and the kids head out. Last night I went and saw my kids at Grand PRIX. This is one of the best nights of AWANA for the kids. My dad made the cars for the kids. Ethan wanted a truck and Alicia wanted a canoe. They both turned out great though I have to admit I am not very good at finish work. The kids have to paint the vehicles themselves. So Ethan painted his red. I wanted to get some stickers to add to make headlights and windows etc. But I never got around to it. O, well.

Alicia was hoping to win an award for design. We thought she had a chance until we saw some of the really cool cars last night. Here are some pictures of the night.

So do you notice Alicia with her award! SHE WON. She got 3rd prize for design. We were very happy for her. She thought of it all on her own and it won. Next year she wants to work on a fast car though!


lizzabug said...

That is awesome! I never would have thought to make a pine wood derby into a boat.....Alicia we might copy you in a few years. (3 years till Will is in cub scouts).

momaof4 said...

So fun! We went one year, and Noah cried because his car we haven't ventured back in :) See you soon

February Jill said...

So cute! What in the world was more creative than a canoe???


Duo Na said...

Yay for Alicia! Anna had a canoe car too, but it didn't look ANYTHING like Alicia's. HAHA! Poor Levi & Gordon don't quite have the skill that your dad does. But Anna still loved her car to pieces and even slept with it last night. :)