Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gluten Free Wednesdays

Well, I have been horrid at keeping up with GF Wednesday posts.
But I should be better from this day forward. I have decided to go back off of gluten. I cannot wait for a Doctors appointment that is 4 weeks away. I want my body to feel healthy and right now I feel anything but. I initially decided to eat gluten and get tested for Celiac because 1)I really wanted my dad to try going gluten free 2)I would have liked to offset the price of gluten free foods through my FSA and 3)I felt like that would give me validation for not eating gluten, especially at a restaurant. But my dad has been off of gluten for about 8 weeks now and feels better, I don't care anymore about the money, and I don't need a medical reason to not eat something when I can see the results for myself. So good-bye daily headaches constant stomach problems, achy body, lack of energy. Goodbye sleepless nights, weight gain, foggy memory. I cannot wait to start to feel good again. I am actually excited to go back to my gluten free foods.

So today I went to Roths and grabbed a few staples when I eat GF, Kettle Chips, mixed nuts, and dried fruit. I made sure I have enough GF pasta and flour to cook with. I had also bookmarked a few webstores that I will buy some GF items from next paycheck.

This place is supposed to have the best bread for sandwhiches.
Udi's Gluten Free Online Store

Bavaria Mills, out of Vancouver, WA, makes pizza crusts that they use at Garlic Jim's and they carry other yummy products. They will ship to you with a minimum order of $50.00 so I have emailed them to see how I can go about this. I would love to have some pizza crusts, pie shells, and other baked goods packed away in my freezer.

And this post on Gluten Free Mom's blog has a bunch of things I want to try. She has put a list of her staples together and her families favorites. Some things that I really like are on the list so I feel we may have similar tastes and want to try more off of her list

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momaof4 said...

I was just reading through her post about homemade yogurt...and then click to see her most recent. She is easy to read...Maybe you already have :)