Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Today will be better

So after my appointment on Monday the day seemed to just get worse. Some of it I'm sure was just from my being emotional. I dropped an egg carton and broke eggs in my kitchen, my son and playmate found puffy paint and had a grand time using it in Ethan's floor and shelving in his closet,etc. etc. But I was also feeling really crappy. Not quite sick but not quite right. Tuesday was more of the same except sometime in the afternoon I started to feel more myself and by bed time I felt almost normal.

Today I feel fine. Not sure what was up but it's nice to feel like myself again. Well, except my arms still hurt to move at the elbow. They really did a number on me. And for my sister, they did tape me up downstairs. I bled through the cotton balls and tape and out. The nurse upstairs ended up using wrap on both arms. It was so tight I almost couldn't get them off.

So today I am doing all those errands I didn't get around to Monday and Tuesday!

On a happy note. I had to share a find. This summer I am doing summer school with my kids. We are doing the world again. I have been looking all over for fun crafts, science experiments, etc to make it fun. But this website I like to visit is having an around the world month and posting some great ideas. Here's the website.

They have made my hunting so much easier by doing this. Some of the ideas are so perfect.

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momaof4 said...

What fun! Not your day. the blog. When are are doing another girls day? Lets get it on the calendar soon!!