Monday, March 22, 2010


Friday morning I woke up and was contemplating keeping my kids home for the day. It didn't seem fair to send them off on the nicest day of the year while the public school was out for break already. Ben said I shouldn't let them skip school yet so off they went. When we went to pick our kids up it was so nice to stand around in the sun talking with parents. LOVED IT. And when my kids asked me if they were having friends over I got to say "no, mommy is having a friend over!" I rarely have an adult over during the week. I sometimes get together with girls on weekends but it was such a treat to have a short get together planned with an old girlfriend. A friend from college was sort-of in the area and came over for about an hour. I hadn't seen Sarah in years! It was so nice to see her and her adorable little boy.

It was the best start to a spring break. I only wish that weather had stuck around a bit longer.

PS My Internet has been really finicky lately. So I am not posting as often. :(


momaof4 said...

So glad you got to see her. My Friday was a bit crazy!!!

Hey are you free on the 18th...finicky internet = not answering e-mail??? ;0

Smiles said...

Let's do it again sometime! Nathaniel loved playing ball with Ethan.