Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gluten free Wednesday

I almost forgot, again, Gluten Free Wednesday. This week has really flown by.

I can't think of much tonight that would be interesting but here is one little hint.

Since flour tortillas are obviously out I am left with corn tortillas. We all know they aren't as good. Not even close. I did find some website that gave me the idea that makes them a tad tastier and easier to roll if making enchiladas or breakfast burritos. You fry them for a few seconds in oil. Not long enough to get crunchy but long enough to become softer. It helps. I am not sure really why, but it does. It does make them a little more unhealthy but hey, I use olive oil.

Because eating gluten free eliminates a lot of convenience foods a good idea is to make a bunch of breakfast burritos and then freeze them. You can then wrap them in a paper towel for 2 minutes and have something fast and easy to eat.

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Glory Laine said...

I am truly, truly morning flour tortillas. (weeps in hands)