Thursday, June 11, 2009

better late then never?

So I finally uploaded some pictures today that have been on my camera awhile. I thought I would share with you the pictures from the Mommy and Me Tea Ethan invited me to. The preschool/kindergarten class took the moms to the Deepwood Estates for tea. The staff there taught us manners and how to eat our scones politely. they served chocolate tea and let the kids add as many sugar cubes or cream as they needed. It was a very special time. Afterwards the kids all gave the moms a plate they had made at school. When we were all done inside we went out to the gardens and let the butterflys go that they had been watching in their classroom. Ethan was looking forward to this. He loved coming home and telling me what stages the butterflys were in. So they were all happy to get to touch them and let them go. And this was a great home those butterflys were getting! Gorgeous there. It did not rain until we let the last one go and then it poured. It was a very nice day and I hope they do it again next year.

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Duo Na said...

You've got one handsome little man there.