Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So I thought I could ask for gluten free products and recipes and you all would think maybe I was thinking about a friend and just needed some help. You all are presistent.

So here is the story. Didn't really want to share the story until next week but again you all are presistent. :)

Not really sure where to start but Thursday I went to see a doctor after a week of weird pain. My fingers and toes were swollen, my joints (wrists, fingers, knees, toes) all hurt. I couldn't put my bra on without hurting, couldn't turn my neck to look out the window while driving, sometimes my ars felt like they were falling asleep. I was nauseous and have had a headache every day for about a month. I wasn't sure if some of my signs were just silly or if I should go in. I had prayed I think Sunday night about it. Prayed that if I needed to go in and see a doctor my body would get worse. Well it sure did. So I went in Thursday and they started some tests. We talked for about an hour and he said while they run tests I should go off gluten. I went home and looked up gluten and a lot of symptoms I have had for awhile. Things I thought were connected to my dairy problems. Some symptoms I have had so long I didn't really know they shouldn't be normal or had forgotten they were abnormal. So as I wait for results from my tests I am cutting all gluten out. I am so excited that I may have found something that will make me feel better. Better then I have been in years!

Most of my pain has gone. My headaches are much fewer and I am not as swollen. It supposedly takes 6-8 weeks for the gluten free diet to really work but I think these are good signs.


momaof4 said...

Silly girl!! Why would you not want to share that? You had me worried!!!

My SIL has to try and not eat gluten. She has had problems for years also. Horrible. If you don't mind I am going to send her your e-mail. She LOVES to cook, and has had to get very creative, as she can't have gluten and brain can't have dairy.

I have recipes....but trying to think of the best way to get them to you....might copy and send them.

Love you!!

The Theisen Twosome said...

Dee I am glad that you have found something that is helping you with all that pain. I am so glad you went to the doctor you shouldn't have thought twice. It is amazing what changing your diet can do. When Dylan's dad changed his diet when saw results within 2 days also. I wish I knew some off the top that tasted good, I would just have to look them up and try them out. Sorry I don't have more help then that. I love you and hope it continues to help.

Duo Na said...

Wow Dee. You're good at hiding your pain. I had no clue. I hope the tests come back with whatever results are needed to help you start feeling better. You looked good today and I had no clue until I just read your post. Crazy girl.

February Jill said...

Dee! I hope you are feeling much better already. How frustrating to not know what to do about pain!

My favorite recipe website is recipezaar.com. When I went to their site and typed in "gluten free" then 876 recipes came up and they look good! Just thought you could give it a try. Good luck!