Saturday, June 13, 2009

Christmas present

For Christmas Uncle Danny and Aunt Rachel bought my kids one of those butterfly gifts where they send you the larvae and you get to watch them change. I decided to wait until the end of school for this. So I sent it off about 6 weeks ago and we have been watching them change for the last few weeks. Wednesday was the kids last day of school and when we got home one had already hatched. Thursday all 5 were out! I cannot believe the timing. It has really helped occupy the kids and it is just plain fun! After this weekend we will have to find some place to let them go, but for now we are loving getting to watch them fly around. I stuck my camera up in the "home" and took some pictures of our pretty friends.


God Made Playdough said...

Horrible!!! Why would you do this to your kids???
Rylie wants one really bad! :)

momaof4 said...

Amy your to FUNNY!!!

My Mom alway's wanted to do that around Easter and have it go back to Jesus and the tomb...Lesson right there for ya!.