Saturday, June 27, 2009

FREE is the word of the day

So a friend let me know about some free paint at Glidden a few days ago, and then I have seen it advertised everywhere but just in case you don't have a friend to tell you or haven't seen it everywhere, like I have, here is the hint for the day.

Glidden is giving away a quart of paint. FREE!! Go to and choose your color and they will ship it to you within 3-4 weeks! WOW.

I have been wanting to paint some more rooms. I actually ordered paint to do our bedroom but if I don't care for the color once it comes I may use it for the laundry room. You can only order one per household but I have been heaing people have been using their mothers and sisters to get more paint so they can actually do a whole room.

SO there you go!

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