Sunday, June 14, 2009

vacation weekend

At our schools auction Ben and I bought a weekend at Detroit Lake. It was to be used the weekend after school was out. So Friday we headed up to Detroit. We stopped at the dam and walked across it but it wasn't all that thrilling. So we continued on and found the place we were to spend the next two nights at and I was pleasantly surprised. We knew there was 3 rooms but we had no idea how big the house actually was. AND it had a hot tub, a canoe, wii with games the kids had never played (we did not bring ours), and also had a fire pit area. And then on top of all that it was right on the lake! (These pictures were taken from the deck. I took these pictures as Ben took the kids out in the canoe and I suntanned. Yep, it was grand!)

We thought it was going to rain the entire weekend but Friday it rained some but not really when we were out and then it really never rained much after that. The first time it did rain was when Ben had the kids out in the canoe. I was sitting on shore and felt it start to sprinkle. I yelled at them to come back but they took their time and by the time they came in it started to pour on us. It was actually kind of funny trying to run up the mountain in POURING RAIN.

We then headed to the hot tub and the kids LOVED this.
It was probably Ethan's favorite thing from the weekend. On Saturday Ben decided we should share this with his brothers fam so we invited Levi, Donna and kids up that night.
We had a fire with smores and then took turns in the hot tub. The kids loved the smores and Zach got much of his smore on him. If you look close you can see marshmallow all the way down his shirt and onto his pants. They were not even with us 24 hours but I think they had a good time and I know my kids were thrilled to have some cousins to share the good times with. It was a great weekend. And a super way to start our summer off.


February Jill said...

Dee you are the best blogger! You always have something new.

Looks like you had a great family weekend.


Duo Na said...

Thanks again! It was nice spending time with you guys. Love you!

KLB said...

What a great way to kick off the summer! I'm gald you had the chance to go!