Thursday, July 11, 2013

day 10- Phoenix

Today was a waterpark day. We got up went to breakfast and then hit the Oasis. Ben and I brought books and we would go around a few times on the lazy river then jump out and read for a bit. When we got hot or the kids wanted us we'd jump back in the river for a few circuits. About 1:30 we headed to our rooms for a break then went and saw Despicable Me 2. We grabbed some food at a grocery store and went back to Arizona Grand Resort and Spa. Then Ethan and Ben headed back for some more water fun. Alicia is not as big of a fan. She is at an awkward age where she doesn't want to play for hours in the water with her brother but she doesn't want to sit there and read either. We spent the rest of the evening reading and watching a Harry Potter on tv while eating our snacks.
I didn't get a picture of us on the slides. I took my phone down and then right back to the room so it wouldn't get wet or stolen. So not too many pictures today. The long straight slides were fast. Alicia and I only went on the loopy slide. Ben went on the fast one once and that was enough for him. Ethan liked the fast one but didn't want to go by himself.

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