Thursday, July 11, 2013

day 9 -Las Cruces, NM to Phoenix, AZ

We were in no rush today, it was just a driving day so we woke slowly and took our time. This hotel, Hilton Garden Inn and Suites, had the best breakfast. We just paid an extra 10 bucks for all 4 of us to have made to order food. It was yummy. The hotel has been a favorite so far and Alicia picked it out. We finally loaded up and continued listening to Gregor book 3. Getting close to Phoenix Ben thought we should use a bathroom at a NP so we started toward it but soon realized we had stumbled down the road the funeral procession for one of the 19 firefighters was on. It was starting in 15 minutes and it wad going to be an hour delay. So we turned around. I think it would have been a neat thing to watch. We made it to our hotel and I will say the only way to visit Phoenix in summer is near water. It is hot. Miserably hot. So hot Ben decided to remove the 3 nights in Sedona AZ for 3 in California. We checked out the waterpark at our hotel-The Oasis. Waterparks sure helped beat the heat. I left a little before the other 3 and started working on canceling and booking hotels so we could get out of Arizona as soon as possible. We still want to see the Grand Canyon but at this late in the game there was nowhere to stay in the park. We will be in a small town outside of it now. We will probably add days in San Francisco. We ended our evening with a late dinner at our first visit of the Rain Forest Cafe. It was fun but the food wasn't wonderful. Also somewhere along the way Alicia picked up a bad rash all over. We think it started when she rolled around and buried herself in the White Sand. It makes her self conscious and in this heat she can't cover up the way she wants.

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