Sunday, July 7, 2013

day 6-Moab, Utah to Grants, New Mexico

We left Moab and headed for Four Corners Monument. This was the only thing Ethan asked for on the trip. We made a small unplanned detour and visited Hovenweep National Monument.
It was hot so we only hiked a short ways and not the full 2 hour loop. What we saw was cool. The buildings, or what remained, were over 800 years old. We then continued on to Four Corners.
It was hot here and Ethan didn't want to wait in the line for pictures at the spot but we did anyway. After about 15 minutes we had our turn and then headed for Grants, New Mexico. We soon hit a detour that took us about an hour out of the way but this was where we saw the pretty part of NM.
We can't decide if the part of Colorado around Four Corners or the srea we are in now of New Mexico is ugliest. It is so barren and poor. The animals we have seen are dead dogs on the side of the roads. We finished our first book on CD (Gregor the Overlander) and are now half way through our second book (Gregor and The Prophecy of Bane). I did not bring the third so we may have to find a Borders. As we finally got close to Grants we hit a lightening/thunder storm. The temperatures dropped dramatically and we got some rain. When we got to the hotel we immediately went swimming and watched the storm some more. Finally we headed to dinner at a diner. It had potential because it was cute but I didn't think the food was great and we had to move tables because the roof started to leak. Then we were back to our room for reading and journaling.


godizlife said...

The roof started to leak and dead dogs wow what a day:-) are making memories.good parents ! Maybe next yr we could do amother all martin trip...

KLB said...

I would say it was totally worth the wait! How fun!