Friday, July 19, 2013

day 18- 3rd day in Disney

Today our goal was to ride each of our favorites. We hit Alicia's favorite first- Indiana Jones. We then went next door to Ethan's choice, Pirates of the Caribbean! At this point Alicia remembered she left her sunglasses on Indiana Jones! It took about 30 minutes for them to find them and by this time we needed to switch parks to get fast passes to Radiator Springs, my favorite ride. We rode Soarin and Monsters Inc before switching parks AGAIN to ride Ben's fave, Buzz Lightyear.
We ate lunch then headed to RIDEMAKERZ where the kids made remote control cars.
They have been looking forward to this for days. (The kids have been saving their money for 2 years when we thought we were going to Europe so they had fun spending it.) As per usual we headed back to our room for a nap/cool down. We have missed housekeeping all 3 days because they come while we are resting. I have to call and beg each day for new towels. Kind of a pain. we headed back and ate and drank our way around California Adventures then used our fast pass for Radiator Springs. The best ride EVER. Or so I think. :) and the boys rode Grizzly Rapids twice. This became Ethan's new favorite ride. He wanted to go again and again!
We finished with icecream. It was a relaxing(as relaxing as Disney can be) fun day. we are all tired and ready to come home! Tomorrow we start our way North.

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