Friday, July 5, 2013

day 4- Park City to Moab, Utah

We packed up and headed on to Moab for 2 nights. I had scheduled a stop in Midway Utah at a cheese factory but we were ahead of schedule so we listened to our book on CD for 30 minutes in the parking lot before they opened.
We have all had some problems breathing at this elevation but today seems harder. I had read to expect it to take about a week for our bodies to adjust, we'll see. After some icecream we kept moving on. We love Utah. It is so pretty and we were enjoying the book on CD so the hours went quickly. We checked in at our hotel about 4 PM and then went to find Moab Cowboys where I had booked an ATV tour. This was something Ben had asked for and ended up being a HUGE hit. I think the kids will rank it high when the trip is over. It was a great day.


KLB said...

SOunds like you are off to a great start! How long is your trip going to be total?

Duo Na said...

What a great family photo! :)