Wednesday, July 3, 2013

day 2- Boise to Park City

We were woken up about 4:45 to Willie Nelsons "On the Road Again" that Alicia had set as an alarm the day before! She turned it off but we woke 30 minutes later as she had just pushed snooze. Oddly enough we all fell back asleep until 8:00! We had breakfast and then Ben took the kids swimming before we were On the Road Again. I am not a big fan of Idaho but I do think Utah is pretty. It was another longish day in the car and we started a book on CD. When we got to Park City we could tell this was a popular 3rd of July spot, lots of traffic and cops directing it. I was glad we booked ahead of time and didn't have to take buses up to the fireworks here at The Canyons. This hotel is very nice but there is not a fridge so I am hoping our annual coffee drink stays frozen until tomorrow. ;) We had dinner at a restaurant here at the hotel and sat outside. The food was great. I had a tamale in banana leaves. Gorgeous plate. But sitting outside was HOT. Seems strange because by the time the fireworks started I was wearing a sweater. After dinner we relaxed in our room before swimming at the outdoor pool. About 9:30 the fireworks started and we raced from the pool to the sidewalk and watched some amazing fireworks before bed.

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