Saturday, July 6, 2013

day 5-Moab

We were up late last night so we slept in a bit and had breakfast at the hotel about 8:30. We then walked Main St. Moab and shopped. We even got a Christmas gift! Then we headed off to hit a couple National Parks. We went to Arches NP first and took a short hike out to see Delicate Arch, the famous arch on the Utah license or the Visa commercials.
We then went to Canyonlands NP.
Ethan was being a punk so you have to imagine Ben's arm around him.
We made sure to get stamps from both visitor centers so when we get home the kids can cut them out and paste them in their National Park passport books, which we forgot at home. The area around here is gorgeous but there doesn't seem to be any animals! I miss animals! We keep thinking how Yellowstone had buffalo and antelope and prarie dogs. Here-nothing. It was hot so we headed back to the hotel for swimming and laundry. We then rested before our Bar-M Cowboy Chuckwagon dinner. It was hokey but enjoyable. More fir the kids.
Tomorrow we leave Moab. This place has so much to do and we didn't even scratch the surface. I would like to return someday.

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godizlife said...

Wow three weeks of will need a long nap when you get back!! Lol.. keep us posted on your adventures.have great time!