Monday, July 8, 2013

day 7- grants NM to Alamogordo NM

We started our morning off with a short drive to Sky City to see the oldest inhabited Pueblo village.
We got on a tour that took us up to the village at 10 and even then we were HOT. The houses were cool but there were cars parked by the houses kinda killing the authentic feel. There were vendors and we bought a few souvenirs. We had not bought the camera pass so I do not have pictures up there. we were happy to get back in our air conditioned Explorer. Off we went to the town of Alamogordo. It was about a 4 hour drive turned 5 hours when we got a tad lost. NM is not pretty. It is ugly. But we did travel a bit on route 66! We checked in, the kids swam, and then we were off to see White Sands National Monument. We borrowed sleds from the hotel and took off about 7:30 pm. We could not believe that in a state that is so ugly was something so beautiful. The kids sled and dug in the sand. We all loved it.

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