Wednesday, December 10, 2008

22 days

It is 22 days from today that we fly off to Orlando. Every day I do a little to get ready. Today I bought some snacks and medicine we will take. Yesterday i saw our one leg from Orlando to Portland on Southwest had gone down $12 a piece. The nice thing with Southwest is they allow you to reschedule the cheaper price and get a credit to be used within a year. Now we have $72.00 to fly Southwest again. Not sure we will but it is better then paying the higher price. :) If they go down again I would be happy because then maybe we could have enough to fly 2 somewhere close, say Las Vegas.

I have also been buying Christmas presents that will be used for the trip. I have been trying to decide what things will be Christmas gifts and which things will be surprises for the long flight. I bought a tote from Lands End, St. Nick deal of the day a few weeks ago, that I will use for a carry on so I have been storing things away in it.

I am starting to get very excited.

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