Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Truth

you want the truth. . .
We have NO snow. Nope not any. Sunday it snowed in the morning and then by about 2 it had all melted away. At least my kids got to play in it before it disappeared. So Stayton is dry as a bone and Salem has snow! So strange. But the bummer thing. . . the kids had no school yesterday! No reason why and no snow to play in! What a boring day. Too COLD to go out and nothing to play in if they wanted to go outside!

So hopefully tomorrow and Thursday when you all get snow we actually get some too!!!!

1 comment:

momaof4 said...

Oh NO!
That's crazy.
We are on day 3 of no school....wondering if we are going to have 3 weeks for Christmas Vacation.
Off to make some cookies today, have to do something to keep these crazy kids happy!!!