Monday, December 22, 2008


So as of now, my siter is in the Les Schwabs up ther getting the snow tires they have for their car put on. They really wanted to find chains for the van since that is so much better for traveling with kids but they couldn't find any. So they are settling. They are going to leave a day early and head down a way that adds hours to the trip and they won't some spend the night here they will head to our parents but they should be here for Christmas. I hope.


momaof4 said...

Okay I guess that is better then nothing. I will be praying for a safe and uneventful trip. Tell them to go slow and watch out for crazies!! I should send you pictures of my brothers house...remember the one I house sat that one year?

The Theisen Twosome said...

My parents were traveling from my sisters and in a spot that was just slushy lid and got high centered in a snow drift. They got a flat tire and have to stay a night and wait for my sister to rescue them. I hope that your sister makes is safely.