Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Enjoy your days off

. . . We are off to school. :) I am kind of glad my kids had school yesterday and today. This is a big week and they would be missing such fun things. They have so much planned the next 2 days that I also sort of hope they get to go then as well. Plus I have gingerbread house stuff for 12 kids. If there is no school Friday I will be stuck with all the makings!!!

Enjoy your day off. I will be enjoying no kids! :) also no snow. :(

Also Alicia's teacher announced yesterday that she is expecting. So cool. I think the kids are going to enjoy watching her get big through the year. Congrats Mrs. D!

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momaof4 said...

It's so hard. I want them home, cause's nice not to have to drive Commercial 6 times a day. On the other hand...take them to SCHOOL! They are getting bored already and are more excited about school maybe tomorrow then they were about a snow day.
And your right. They are missing such fun things!!