Sunday, January 11, 2009

Disney Day 1

Well, I was going to do a short Disney trip report. But I am not sure if a 8 night vacation to the most Magical Place on Earth can be done with a few words. So . . . hold on, for the next week I am going to do a day of our trip! HAHA So you will hear and see every detail of our trip. Well, probably not every detail but I plan to let you in on a lot of what we did and saw! have fun and if you don't like Walt Disney World then don't come to visit my blog for the next 9 days!

Day 1

December 31, New Years Eve, while you all partied we tried to get ourselves ready for Disney! I somehow found myself at 5 o’clock starting to make the cheesy matching Disney shirts for our trip. I was pretty angry with myself for leaving it to the last minute but I had bought the shirts and iron on transfers so I needed to make them! I finished them in a frenzy while also trying to pack and feed the kids. My once clean house now looked like a tornado had gone through it and I wouldn’t have time to clean it before we needed to head to bad for our EARLY wake up. We got to bed at 7 and I was feeling good! Until about 11 when I decided to get up as I hadn’t fallen asleep yet! I got on the computer and finished some things and then finally fell asleep about 1. We got up at 3:30 and were out the door at 4:05 to pick up my in-laws. We left there house by 4:15! Finally, after just a few issues ourselves with security and then a lady on our plane that had to get off as she was not listening to the attendants about her carryons, we were on our plane and flying to Orlando at 7:50.

We flew United there and later would fly Southwest back. United has movie screens but the movies they showed were pretty lame. Martha and Gordon sat with Alicia and Ben and I had Ethan. We took Bens new Christmas present, an ipod touch, and Ethan took it over right away. We flew to San Fran and had almost 2 full hours to grab some lunch and get on our next flight. When we got to Orlando at 7:30, Ethan was amazed to see he had lost an entire day. It really upset him. We got in and found Magical Express, which is Disney’s free transportation from MCO to WDW. You can use it if you are staying on property. It is so nice not to have to rent a car and drive ourselves. We had looked at staying off property this trip but Ben really likes using Disney transportation and not having to drive for a week. It is more vacation like for him this way.

I think anyone who has rented points to stay at a DVC unit understands me when I say I was a bit nervous to check in. I knew the lady I had rented from seemed legit and was very easy to work with but you still have some anxiousness. I need not have worried. All went great at check in. I hope to rent from her again someday. When we got to Saratoga Springs I checked us in. (I used about 10 Disney gift cards, from Sunshine, to pay for the Disney Dining plan. The girl was very nice about using them but it took a long time. I was thankful they have the waiting area for kids with Disney tv. I also used our Disney rewards card money.) We had gotten our rooms in the area we wanted, Congress park. This is the buildings closet to Downtown Disney and this year we could actually see the lights from our patio. It was gorgeous. We called for pizza delivery and the kids and the men headed down to swim. It was a nice evening and we were ready to get to bed so we could start our stay.


VBC MOPS said...

How fun! How much would your Mom (or was it Ben's Mom?) charge to make an Ariel's wedding dress for Rylie? She would love that!

Duo Na said...

Oh goodie! The trip details. Keep 'em coming. I can't wait to hear how the rest of it went. We did miss you though. :o)

momaof4 said...

Love to read about it all. But I want to HEAR more about it this weekend too!!