Thursday, January 22, 2009

One of my 2009 goals

I was spurred by my kindred Amy to read more this year. I read a lot as it is but I want to read more and I want to read a more diverse group of books in 2009. So my goal is one book a week for the entire year. That will give me 52 books in one year. I would like to read a few classics, 1-2 biographies, some good non fiction, fiction. I would like to finsh a few books I have lying around and reread others. I am excited. I have been buying, borrowing, and swapping books to add to my pile so that I never have to go a week without knowing what to read or where to find it. I have gotten some great suggestions and have added one of those to my list. Jill liked Twilight so I have bought that and will read that sometime this year. Also someone from another board has suggested Pope Joan and Josephine B. Now these may not be books I would usually read but I think I will add them to my list. I like knowing what others are reading and staying relevant with my friends or acquaintances.

If you have suggestions feel free to add them here. I am going to need direction if I hope to actually attain this goal! Off to the right I will keep a running count of which books I have read and you can keep up with me. I am reading SoulSalsa right now. Only read 1 chapter this far though, so not sure what I think of it yet. May need to put it aside for awhile and pick up one of your favorites!


VBC MOPS said...

Wow! Good for you! I think that is an awesome goal that you can attain! I'd better get cracking to keep up with you! I haven't been reading at all hardly the last two weeks! :( I've been reading a couple of non fiction books that are good, but it always takes me alot longer to read those. I need to get some good fiction. HOw did you like the Secret Life of Bees? I know it's very popular, but I haven't acctually heard a review on it. People must like it. What is it about? The title is intriguing. I've been tempted to try Twilight too. I have some friends that are totally into it. I just haven't yet because I hear it totally sucks you in and I"m not sure if I have time for that right now. YOu have inspired me to not get lazy about my reading! :) Thanks!

February Jill said...

I would also like to know if you think the Secret Life of Bees is good and if it's worth reading. Let me know how you like Twilight.