Thursday, January 15, 2009

Disney Day 5

Epcot January 5 Monday

This is the day I was waiting to show you pictures from. It was a magical evening for this mommy.

Today is our day for Epcot. We knew we wanted to see Soarin’ first this year. So when we got in we headed there and got fast passes. We then went to Nemo and Friends and then on to Turtle talk with Crush. I think the Nemo ride is lame but Ethan loved that one, he liked sitting in "clams," (imagine little arms making clam shells when he says this) and I wasn't as keen on Crush this time either. I am not sure if I was just in an off mood or what. But I was glad to do them. We still had time to kill so we went to the autograph place in Epcot and got Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald. It was nice to have them done. Then it was on to Soarin’. I liked it but it just wasn’t as cool as I had got myself to believe it was. Everyone else loved it so I think it was just one of those I built it up to much in my own head. We were getting hungry so we went to France and grabbed 6 different treats to share. They were good. The kids were starting to get crabby so we decided to head back for a nap after we used our fast passes for Test Track that Ben had gotten earlier. At this point Alicia learned it was fast and became a wreck. She really is a wimp at rides. She started to fall apart. I felt like a bad parent making her go but we both knew she would really enjoy it. Afterwards she looked at us and said, “that was it?”

Ben and I took the kids back for naps while Martha and Gordon stuck behind to see the World. :) They were to meet up with us at dinner. We all fell asleep immediately and felt refreshed when we woke. We got ready for our dinner at 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian. This is probably the most elaborate and fancy hotel in WDW. It was dinner with Cinderella, the Prince, the sisters and the Step Mother! I had heard they can put on a pretty good show so I was excited. I will save you the details but we had a very hard time getting to the resort and it ended up taking an hour and 10 minutes to get there. Luckily we left with plenty of time and still made our reservation. We met Martha and Gordon there and then went in to eat. (I again forgot the pillowcases so no Cinderella autograph. I could have kicked myself.) Right away we met the prince. Then we got our food, it is buffet style here. Not soon after they had a dance. Anastasia asked Ethan to come out and dance with her. Now this was funny because earlier he had said he was going to take his knife and be a pirate. :) But he went and I actually got a video of them dancing. After wards she kissed him and came over to talk to him. She actually came over a few times and the staff were joking about their both having red hair. It was fun for Ethan to have so much attention. Originally I had thought this was a dinner choice for Alicia but she really didn't care about Cinderella and Ethan stole the show. Ethan was smitten. He was sure he was going to marry her. He kept saying the one sister was good and the other was bad. She came back by and said that Ethan let her know right away before their dance that he was "not a real prince." She thought that was so sweet. In the picture with the kiss he is looking up at the wicked step mother who is asking him if her daughter kissed him. Ethan was very frightened of her. She never broke character and we all thought she was great, while Ethan, being 4, believed she was very evil. We met the other characters but everything paled when compared to Ethan’s crush on Anastasia and all the attention from her.

It was a GREAT night.

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VBC MOPS said...

I love these posts! I like all the detail, it makes it feel as if we went with you! Rylie wants to go soooooo bad! I love the pillowcase idea! You are so creative! Did you paint the names on or was it an iron on?