Monday, January 26, 2009

Snow Day

So yesterday we knew there may be some snow falling in the mountains. So we went to early service and then headed up to the mountains. We went to this parking lot we always seem to end up at and then went up in the woods a bit. It was fun but the snow was so dry that you couldn't make snowmen, forts, or even snowballs. We played awhile and then headed into Sisters for lunch. It was just one of those nice family days. Sadly within a 4 hour span we saw 4 major car accidents. These were not small ones but ones that made you gasp. We were amazed because this was definitely not the worst weather we have seen in this area. I was glad we made it home safe and sound.

But my goal before our next snow day is to get myself some real snow pants and some boots. The snow pants I have are from my freshman year of college. I am not the same shape anymore. I need new ones. And I am tired of wearing tennis shoes in the snow. Also the kids have added to my list a sled. The area we were at had a nice little hill but without anything to go down it wasn't much fun. Their little bottoms couldn't really make good paths.

So now I am on a quest for these items at good prices. :) We'll see.

Fresh out of
the car

Daddy playing a polar bear.

Since we couldn't make forts they found areas where fallen trees made little areas to hide in.

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creative fuel said...

looks like ben could use snow gear as well .
looks like a fun time i am looking forward to when liam will be old enough to enjoy all that stuff. right now he isnt old enough to last long. alicia looks so cute in her suit.