Friday, January 16, 2009

Disney Day 6

January 6 Tuesday

Today was a free day! I thought we could lounge around, maybe go swimming and then that evening we had dinner reservations at BOMA in the Animal Kingdom Lodge. I was very excited about this! Here’s the thing. We all loved Hollywood Studios so much that we decided to go back so we could ride Toy Story Mania AGAIN! YIPPEE. SO we got up and actually made a rope drop! We sent Ben to the front to run like the wind for fast passes. They have a short little act before they drop the rope and we all run like wild animals to our area of interest. Most were running the same place we were. Ben got in a fast pass line and we got in the regular stand by line. It moved so fast that we actually had to send Martha and Gordon in with the kids while I hung back waiting for Ben to get our fast passes. I guess what had happened is his machine broke down! Anyway we got fast passes and Ben and I jumped into line. We hadn’t rode a ride together yet so I was excited! It was a blast as usual! We then caught up with our group and headed to Star Tours so Martha and Gordon could take Alicia again. While they did that we watched the Jedi Training. Then we went to get fast passes for Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, RNRC. I grabbed them and jumped in the single rider line. :) love this ride! After I found my crowd we went back across the land to Toy Story Mania. I didn’t do as good this time but it was till a blast. We had Gordon and Ben ride together because they had gotten the best scores so far, this was their scores. We wish this could be a wii game somehow. Next Gordon, Martha and I went to RNRC. We somehow got the magic seats of the first car and I even got first row! It was AMAZING! I actually got off this one and felt a bit queasy, that is how good those seats are. I ended up buying the pictures they take of you on a ride at the end. I have never done that but this picture was so good. Martha looked stricken and Gordon is staring at her, I on the other hand have a look of glee. :) Such a great ride, have I mentioned that. I think I could be a thrill junkie.

We then headed back and got ready for our early dinner at BOMA!

BOMA was great. I had never been to this lodge and was really looking forward to it. It did not disappoint and the little store there is great. So much better then any other resort store. We shopped and then decided we would come back after dinner. The restaurant is a buffet but the food is Amazing. It is African flavors and everything tasted so good. I think all 6 of us thought this was one of the best. A definite do again. We then went outside to there patio area and looked at the animals. What fun. After this it was back to the store where Martha and I both bought some things! (by the way, those desserts were so good so I took a picture. Doesn't that look gooood?)

I think I would like to stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge if we ever return to WDW. It really was incredible there. Here is a random picture of the rocking chairs outside. They were really tall and cool looking. And they were everywhere for people to sit and watch the animals.

At this point it felt like every day was going to be another great day!

I will be taking a short break this weekend from posting the last few days. But rest your little minds. . .I will be back.

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VBC MOPS said...

You're making me hungry! I'm glad to see some pictures with you in them too! I miss you! I'll be in Keizer in March for a Pastor's conference. Maybe we can all get together!