Monday, January 19, 2009

Disney Day 7

Magic Kingdom Wednesday January 7

Today was our second day at Magic Kingdom. We made another rope drop (Hollywood Studios our first) here at Magic Kingdom! It was fun to wait around with everyone. They had hula hoops out for the kids to play while waiting and then they had the train pull into the station and did a opening ceremony. Once we were in we headed to Adventureland. We walked through the Swiss Family Treehouse and then walked onto the Magic Carpets of Aladdin, think Dumbo ride. Next we went to the Jungle Cruise and then onto Pirates of the Caribbean. We were having a great morning. In this part of the park at this time of day there was no one out. And I mean NO ONE! It was so cool. Ethan had been looking forward to riding Pirates all week. He had saved his money to buy something here. He ended up buying a sword and a spy eye scope thing. Great toys. We then headed off to It’s a Small World. Ethan really did not want to do anymore rides now. He wanted to sit and hold his sword, not put them away for rides! But he got over it after a few more rides. Next we decided it would be a good time to go meet Ariel! We stood in line for about 30 minutes and then got to meet Ariel. This was on Alicia’s must do list. This and meeting the fairies in Pixie Hollow. While the girls went in to see her the boys waited. Ben used this time to go get fast passes for Buzz Light Year. We were now hungry so we decided to go find Main Street bakery. I had heard that this was a good place to use credits for bakery items. Boy was this place a find! YUMMY. We bought 7 items and 2 drinks and it only used 2 counter service and 1 snack credit. The cinnamon rolls we got were the best I think I have ever had. They were incredible. We stuffed our faces and then were ready to head out for more rides. We went to ride Buzz and when we came out we saw there was a line to meet Stitch (from Lilo and Stitch!) Alicia had bought a small Stitch earlier in the week and we wanted this picture. We had just finished pictures when the sky opened up on us. This was the only day that had been overcast and it ended up being the only day it rained. But it sure did pour for a bit. As we had been getting pictures with Stitch, Buzz came out so we headed to get pictures with him and then make a mad race to see if our stroller was covered properly.

It was dry so we made another dash for Monsters Inc. Laughing Floor. This was for Alicia but it was a lot of fun, using people forom the audience for added laughs. It was also a covered show that lasted long enough for us to come out to no more rain. We knew we better head over to see Pixie Hollow before we had to leave for the day and the lines got too long. As we went to find that we stopped for Tommorowland Speedway.
I didn’t want to ride so I got to take pictures. I could not believe how much we were getting done today. We had gotten most everything done on our list and it wasn’t even lunch time! The kids next took Gordon and Martha through mickey and Minnie’s houses. By this time Ben and I knew if we were going to eat lunch we needed to do it now because we had early dinner reservations back at our resort. So we asked his parents to take the kids through Pixie Hollow while we went to get some food. No one else was hungry. I was a tad sad to miss seeing this place as I had heard it was really neat but we went and had a nice quite lunch the two of us. It was nice to have some time together. After we met back up we went to get spots for the mid-day parade.
We ended up getting great spots and the kids had fun eating popcorn and playing with hula hoops again while waiting. After the parade Martha and I went back to the Main Street Bakery to buy 4 more cinnamon rolls for breakfast the next day! They were THAT good!

We headed back to Saratoga Springs to clean up and head out to dinner at Turfs Club here on property. We had a nice dinner with poor service. I was sad as last trip this place had incredible service but this time we had the slowest girl ever. It was disappointing but the food was still good. That evening they had planned to have a movie by the pool. I had been excited about this when I heard about it years ago so after dinner we headed to the pool to grab seats before going to put swimsuits on. Ben ended up asking the lifeguard where they would be setting the screen up and she said because of the rain earlier and the weather that day they were moving it inside. :( It was sad but at least this way the kids could swim and get to bed earlier. They swam and then it was off to bed!

Day 7 DONE! At this point I am getting sad that our trip is coming to a close.

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VBC MOPS said...

I can't wait till Rylie wakes up from her nap so I can show her these pictures! We have been living vicariously through your trip! :) Thanks for posting about it! How was the weekend? Did you have a blast?! I was said I couldn't come! My Dad ended up breaking his ankle and having to go to the hospital on Sat. so it was probably good that we didn't go. We had to help him and mom do some things. And of course, Ryan preached. Post pictures of the weekend though, if you have some. Please. :)