Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Disney Day 8

Our last full day
Epcot Thursday

Today is our second day back at Epcot. For some reason I was not really into going back here. And Alicia was really ready to come home. But I knew we had so much left to do in Epcot. I think I would love to go to Epcot with no children. Spend a whole day here eating and enjoying the scenery.

Anyway back to reality, reality with two wonderful kids. We got to Epcot and found Chip and Dale right away. Luckily it was early enough in the day so the kids agreed to wait and get pictures. They were really funny and kept playing with Alicia's ponytails. I was glad we stopped before heading for Soarin. We rode Soarin again and then went over to ride Living with the Land boat ride. I LOVED this ride. It takes you through a boring boat ride where you look at what the land used to look like and how we used to grow things on the land and then they take you through a real life garden there on WDW property. they are doing some cutting work and it was really fascinating. I would hav actually liked to get right back on that boat. But we had to move on. We took off and went into the Innoventions building. It has random interactive things like how to get out of a house while it is on fire, playing video games, making video games, etc. It was really cool. We were near Nemo and friends ride and Ethan wantedd to do that one again. So while we went to do that Ben took Alicia and they went to where we were going to have lunch in a bit. We met them there and then went into Coral Reef. We ate her last trip and thought we wouldn't go back. but we needed a table service today and decided to go back here for lunch. This time we sat very near the aquarium wall. This was so cool. Everyone enjoyed sitting and watching the sharks and turtles. The food ended up being so good and I was glad we gave it a second chance! We debated what to do at this time. We wante dto stay and do some more things but the kids needed a nap as we were staying up late tonight to see Illuminations. So we finally decide dto go back for naps. We headed back to the resort adn martha and Gordon headed to Downtown Disney for osm eshopping. We fell right asleep and we had a hard tim egetting ourselves up. It felt so good to take a break. After we all got up and were ready to head out we left and decide to do the World Showcase of Epcot now. Our first stop was the US as we wanted to see the drummers and singers, The Voices of Liberty. Boy was that good. During one of the songs the man came out and kissed martha's hand. It was quite the show!

We headed around the world enjoying different shows, especially the juggler in Italy.
I bought some chocolates from different countries. Haven't tried them out yet. I am savingthem for a special occasion.

Finally it was time for our dinner at Le Cellier. This was another great dinner. Afterwards we went to get spots for watching Illuminations. We found our spots adn I went off to buy some suckers for the couisins in a nearby store. Not soon after I got back to our spot the show started! BOY what a show.
This was better to me then Wishes fireworks. I loved it. It is all over the water and was so incredible. It was the best way to end the last night on our vacation.


Glory Laine said...

Dee, I have so enjoyed all of these Disney posts. Matt and I are just beginning talking about when the perfect time to take the journey to Disneyland. We'll have to sit down with you guys and get some good tips. I am thinking that I'll leave the twins behind for this trip and just make it really special for Tobin.

momaof4 said...

I loved Epoct. or my mom would call it epicot :0

It is fun without kids! And the lovely food, yum!!!