Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Disney Day 4

I know these are long winded BUT part of what I am doing is saving our memories for years to come. It will be fun for the kids to come here and see what they did when they were 4 and 6. So these posts are more for me then you and so I apologize that you have to tread through them with me as well.

Hollywood Studios Sunday January 4

Sunday! This was the last day of the Osborne Dancing Lights in Hollywood Studios. The MAIN reason I chose early January. I really wanted to see these. So we woke and headed to Hollywood Studios. ! Today was the day we wore the cheesy matching shirts I made New Years Eve they have our names on the front and this is the back:

We got there and I headed to get fast passes for the newest ride in all of WDW, Toy Story Mania. I knew from reading on that this was still a very popular ride. So we decided to fast pass that one rather then stand in a 50-60 minute line. By mid day the lines were at almost 2 hours long! Really who waits that long for a 5 minute ride? Anyway while I grabbed fast passes Martha took the kids over to get pictures with Pluto and Goofy. I had forgotten their pillowcases today! So no autographs. We then headed over to Star Tours. This was pretty much a walk on. I really did not like this one. I felt it was dated and it really made me sick! Ethan also was very scared of it. When the ride was over he just pouted and said he didn’t like that one. It was sad. But this was my daughters FAVORITE ride EVER. :) We found it ironic that Alicia’s favorite was Star Tours and that was Ethan’s least favorite and Ethan’s favorite Splash Mountain was Alicia’s least favorite! Anyway we then went to see Journey into Narnia:Prince Caspain, which turned out to be a short recap of the movie and a waste of time. Next door was the Little mermaid show. WOW that was pretty cool. It was like a very well done puppet show with lots of special effects. This show was for Alicia. She loves Ariel. So she was very into this show.
Now it was time for the ride of the day! We headed back to Toy Story Mania and we got so close and the ride broke down! They ended up giving us a fast pass back that was good any time in the next 14 days. Well we all knew it had to be today as this was the only day scheduled for Hollywood Studios. So we got off and went and found some lunch. It was now 11:30 and we found a counter service. It was next door to Indiana Jones so after we finished we decided that was next on our agenda. So we ate and headed for the line. We didn’t wait long before they let us in. We ended up sitting in the front row at Indiana Jones. It was really cool to be able to see the whole set and then around the corner to where they had other sets sitting to change. Ethan loved this show. I mean really enjoyed this show. They do three small acts that have different “problems” Indiana is trying to get out of. In between they have a bit of comedy. It is a good family show.
Since we seemed to be in the show mood we headed off for Beauty and the Beast show. I had seen this one last time and it is an okay one to me. Ethan was BORED to death. But there were some really good actors this time around. When we left this we were right in front of the Tower of Terror. Now Alicia rode this one last trip but Ethan was to short. So for 2 years he has heard how scary it is. He had said he was not going. But somehow he wondered off to ride it with daddy and papa and grammy! I stayed behind to have an icecream with Alicia. Pretty sure I had the better end! Ethan was proud of himself but says he will not ride that one again. Gordon and I then headed to the single rider line at Rock n’ Roller Coaster. GOODNESS GRACIOUS that one is FUN, and I mean capital F fun. Soooooo fun. I just wanted to get back on it. So finally we get to ride Toy Story Mania. We all put on the beautiful glasses and got in our little cars. This ride is amazing. That was the Family favorite. "You have a toy cannon that fires via a pull string. You take aim at the targets at the game booths you encounter along the way. Cheering you on will be Woody, Buzz, Bo Peep, Hamm and the Green Army Men. Find a hidden target and you'll rack up even more points as you compete for the highest score. The targets and weapons vary. What's even more fun is feeling the rush of air as you pop balloons at one of the game booths." We got off and could not believe that was the only time we could ride that one. So sad. It was getting late and close to dinner so we had to find one more thing to do. We decided we did have time for Lights, Motors, Action stunt show, which earlier we had thought would be a miss. We got there LATE and sat in the nose bleeds but I think everyone was glad that we got to see it. Again, Ethan loved this show. So much that I decided to record one of the acts on my camera to show Ethan later. This came in handy a few nights later on a bus ride back to our resort. I would just replay it over and over. He never tired of seeing the motorcycles race around and the man fall from the roof when shot. It ended with the bad guy catching on fire. Ethan would always ask if the bad man was okay. We then raced to our dinner reservation at Mama Melrose. After dinner we headed to our lights! It was amazing, really pretty. We went down the streets and then found a man to take our pictures. I also knew that I wanted to get the hot chocolate in a special mug. It was very spendy but it has the matching dancing lights. It will be a great souvenir for years to come.

We then headed back to our resort for the regular time at the pool. This was a GREAT DAY!

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Just know that I am so jealous and can't wait to take my kids to the happiest place on earth. I am so glad you are able to have a fun family vacation!