Sunday, November 8, 2009

Anniversary dreaming

Ben and I have been dreaming about what we will do for our 10 year anniversary next August. We most likely won't end up doing anything because we have an extended family tripped planned for Yellowstone in June BUT we are still dreaming. And I think hoping a bit that we can pull it off. (Maybe it will have to be our 15th) We have thought about Mexico and Hawaii, kids or no kids, August or January. I was thinking about letting you guys in on the dreaming. Where should Ben and I go? Do you have places you love or somewhere you would love to go? You can dream small or big.

P.S. Ben likes beaches with shade and he also likes castles. I like beaches.


lizzabug said...

I've only been on one real vacation. Eddie and I went to Cancun last spring and it was fantastic. (We didn't pick the place, it was with work.) If I could pick anywhere to go it would be somewhere different where there aren't so many people. I hear Belize has great beaches.

momaof4 said...

Plan for your 15th. So far I don't know to many people who have had great 10 year. Seems something alway's happens. :) But dreaming is nice!!!!

February Jill said...

Shane and I have been saving in a vacation club account for like 2 years so we can go to Hawaii for our ten year but it's coming up in May and so we'll see! We might try for next November instead of May.

It's better to go to a great tropical place when Oregon weather is bad if you ask me.