Friday, November 13, 2009

Praying with kids

In the morning it is always a race to get the kids bathed, fed, clothed, and with all the right things in the right bags. I like to leave a bit early and once we get to school we sit in the van and we pray. I started this last year and this year I have noticed a few things. They are exciting things to a mommy. One, the length of my prayers have gotten longer. They don't fidget or move around as much as they used to and so I can pray longer. And two they will not let me forget that I need to pray before we leave the van. I love it.
I have also noticed that this has become a good time for them to talk with me. It's only a few minutes but they seem to be very open this time of the morning. Yesterday we got to talking about cave men and dinosaurs. I immediately thought she meant cave men like apes but Alicia said of course we didn't come from apes. She just meant that men lived in caves before they built houses. :) Too funny. It was a good lead in to praying about seeking out truths and not listening to the lies the world can try to sell us.


lizzabug said...

That is fantastic!

momaof4 said...

Love that. I need to do that better with my kiddo's especially since they are in public. Even more important to protect them with prayer!!