Thursday, November 5, 2009

More swagbucks help

I know I have already posted this, or a very similar post, a few months back, but I have had some of you ask how to get more points at

**First for those not doing swagbucks this is a search engine ran site. I used to go to to search. Now I go to swagbucks and I can earn points occasionally just for my normal searches. This is really all this site does. It is not surveys, offers, etc. It is a search engine. So I make points, and then turn those in for amazon codes, doing something I normally do anyway.
**Second, you should not do any more searches on swagbucks then you would normally on any other search engine. You will not get more points for more searches. Usually I can get a swagbuck in the morning, one in the afternoon and sometimes one in the evening.
**Next, and I think an important part of earning points, I also check for codes. I go to this page and click the last page to be current. These people are great at catching and posting codes that swagbucks has put on twitter, facebook, their toolbar, etc.. Swagbucks puts codes out on popular areas to draw people to them and advertise. If you want me to I can email you the codes as I find them. Let me know if this is something you would like and make sure I have your email address. Sometimes the codes are good for a few hours sometimes they are out for a few minutes.
**Referrals are a good way to get some points as well. Every point that a referral makes, up to 100 points, you also get. You don't get their code points just there searching points. I have 5 referrals right now. If you can even get 1 or 2 people to sign up under you and they make 2 points a day you can add 4 points to your account every day.

So there you have it. And more questions?

As incentive I have now made $50.00 in amazon codes since I joined mid-August. I am saving the money for a present for Ben. :) That way he can't see what I am spending. :) Total surprise.


lizzabug said...

Yes, email me codes. The slick deals thread is confusing to me. I've been checking the swidget for codes and just missed a 4 point one by one minute.

lizzabug said...

Oh, sorry but another comment. I think I'll start getting a lot of points by shopping. There is wal-mart on the stores list. If I know I need something a little more spendy (my hand mixer broke) You can get a point for spending $5 so I'll get my mixer online and just pick it up when I'm at the store and I get like 8 points for something I would have gotten there anyways.
Also on the stores list- I TUNES!

God Made Playdough said...

Please email me the codes! That would be awesome! I think you have my email, but if not here it is:
Thanks! :)