Saturday, November 7, 2009

Basketball Season

Last Saturday was the last day of soccer for my two, today was the first day of basketball for Ethan. I think we have now hit the age of busyness. Last year Ethan would not shoot a basket. 1 year later he won't stop shooting and actually made a basket today! It is amazing how a 4 year old plays versus a 5 year old. He is more aware of his body, surroundings, coach.

Are your kids playing sports?


momaof4 said...

WOW!!! You are none stop. We have to have a break for a bit...Basketball doesn't start for us till December, and games in January

lizzabug said...

Carolyn just finished tennis. We don't have any other activity going right now but Nathan does baseball in the spring and they all swim ALL summer long. Elizabeth and Will have both asked to do soccer. um, we'll see.