Thursday, July 20, 2017

Day 11 shopping and a show

This morning was supposed to be Tower of London but I knew we would be too tired to be up and out of the flat by 8 so we slept in and went shopping instead. We started with lunch at Honest Burgers, which I have been excited to try. They serve gluten free buns and there food always looked so amazing online. It did not disappoint. We then started our shopping at Lush, the biggest one in the world. If we didn't have you worry about how to get all the stuff we bought home we could have done some serious damage there. We headed east on Oxford St and then after finishing that street we had a Starbucks break. Then we went south on Charing Cross. I've wanted to visit this street ever since reading "84 Charing Cross Road." This street is known for bookstores. Both Alicia and I enjoy books so it's nice to take our time. We then treated ourselves to some icecream and still had an hour to kill before our show. So we spent that in St James Park. That is the park besides The Mall, the road that leads to Buckingham Palace. After freezing nearly to death it was time to find our theater for "Phantom of the Opera." I only knew a little about the story line and Alicia none so it was fun, though with some of the opera singing we could not understand the words. ******Took a black cab back to the flat and the buildings are pretty at night. If I was more comfortable I'd head out late for some pictures. The ones I got from the cab window are just not that great. But you can get an idea. It was a long day and a late night. But another good day in London.******** Lesson learned: when I asked Alicia what we learned (so Donna would be happy) she said, "people suck." Poor girl had a man at the theater lean completely forward on her seat the entire show! She couldn't sit back and he was breathing down her neck. She was grossed out. I tried to give him looks but he was not caring.


Duo Na said...

Alicia - next time someone is breathing down your neck, pop your head back really fast and nail them in the nose. That'll get the point across. ;)

Thank you for the lesson learned! Have you thought of mailing the stuff you buy to yourself in the States so you don't have to carry it around?

red-headed Wilson's said...

Yes. But if you mail what you buy it has to go through inspection and then you have to pay some kind of expensive tax. Then I thought maybe we'd send home clothes (if we send home what we brought with us supposedly easier and no tax) we don't need while in Rome that might work, but we need those clothes in Zurich. I don't want to do a checked bag because we don't have a ton of time in JFK on our way back to mess around with grabbing bags and rechecking for customs. *******
I told Alicia to just lean back and twirl her hair at him but he was pretty rude and not sure it would have mattered.