Saturday, July 22, 2017

Day 13 Alicia let me have my day

My daughter was a trooper today. She let me drag her across town in the pouring rain, stand in quite a long line, also in the pouring rain, all so I could see The British Museum. But I think everyone in London wanted to get out of the rain so the museum was very crowded. Everywhere we went there were large tour groups who would stop wherever they wanted, push you out of the way to get ahead and just be plain rude. But I did get to see a few amazing things before I gave up. THE ROSETTA STONE PHAROAH RAMESSES II built 1270 BC! MUMMY OF YOUNG WOMAN 98-117 AD HOA HAKANANAI'A ("You dum-dum. You bring me gum-gum?") *************After our time in the museum we headed to a great dinner at a little French restaurant. And then we headed to see a show at St. Martins Theater. My mom (and my great grandma Louise) shared their love of books with me. My mom and I share a love of Agatha Christie so when my mom was going to join us here in London I knew we wanted to see the longest running show in London, "THE MOUSETRAP" by the Queen of Mystery. When mom wasn't able to join us on the trip I knew tonight was going to be hard to do without her. (Miss you mom. Xoxo) Alicia enjoyed the Musical more but she was a good sport to let me be all excited about this play. Hailed a cab back, grabbed some things for breakfast in the morning, and are now watching some NCIS. *****Lesson learned:15 year olds don't want to go into museums no matter how cool they may be because it's, "too much like school." She enjoyed the Louvre because we had a guide so now I know if you have a teenager in the group book a guide for whatever museum you might want to visit. They make the learning fun.


godizlife said...

Looks like fun!!

Duo Na said...

I'm so sorry your mom couldn't be there for that play.

Thank you Alicia for taking a picture of your momma and for letting her have her day! Love to you both.