Thursday, July 27, 2017

Day 18 Trastevere neighborhood

When mom and I planned this trip we had decided on London but then I thought we should add a couple days on to see The Sistine Chapel (that's on Friday). My mom had always wanted to see it. She is an artist and has a love for Michelangelo's works. So I added 4 nights in Rome. It's hard being here without her but as hard as it is for me I'm sure this is very hard for mom. So if you think of it pray for my mom. *********************************** We got to bed late last night and my teen needs like 10 hours of sleep. So I watched some shows on my kindle and rethought/reworked our plans for the day after I woke up, but she slept on. Finally we headed out and wandered the streets. We ate at one of the many tiny little restaurants on one of the many tiny streets. It was hard to decide but we chose pizza and figured tonight we would have pasta. Shopped some, grabbed gelato and headed back to our room. Already getting a bit too hot for me. **********After a rest we went back to the streets found a restaurant that later I realized I had seen had great reviews. It ended up being the best lasagna I have ever had. The best. Then wandered a few more streets, I then visited Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore. Beautiful church. They were about to start a service so no real good pictures. But the ceiling was incredibly ornate. Ended with another gelato. This shop was the best one yet. ************ We've been told there is a black-out tomorrow in the area we are in from 8:30-4:30 so we are glad we didn't head to the beach this morning like first planned. We will go tomorrow when there is no power here. ************* Lesson learned: made sure you download everything you want and think you may want. Netflix overseas is different, hulu doesn't work and neither does OPB. Had hoped to watch those here. Thankfully I had downloaded a few seasons on Amazon but plane rides are long!


Duo Na said...

I love all the pictures and Italy looks amazing so far! My only wish is that we could taste all the yummy food pictures you post through our computers.

Love to you both!

godizlife said...

VPN that what people use to "trick" servers to watch our American shows. These countries have many laws about copyrights and that's why our Netflix doesn't work right there. It's a bummer. VPN is what almost all military folks use to feel like they are at home. U pay a service to change your ip address.