Friday, July 21, 2017

Day 12 the south bank of Thames River

I'm learning on this trip that having a teenager means more sleep time needs to be scheduled and things move slow in the morning. I'm also learning touring is just tiring. Today we slept in late. Well, very late to me but to Alicia maybe not so late. ********* I'm thankful I brought eye masks for the plane as it is the only way I can sleep past 5. ********* Today we walked everywhere. Thankfully everything was on the South Bank and sort of all in our area. Had a yummy lunch at a Turkish restaurant. That's one of the best things about London, all the ethnicities here mean a variety of food to eat. ***** Then we went to the Imperial War Museum. Alicia is taking a WWII/ Holocaust class next year and I didn't want to miss this museum. It's really quite amazing. The holocaust level does not allow cameras so no pictures. It is where we spent a majority of our time. It's well done and heart breaking. *********** On our walk. We finished our evening with Thames Rockets. This is a jet boat ride up the Thames. It starts slow with history of the bridges and buildings on the water. Then it speeds up for some fast fun. I would tell everyone to do this boat ride. *********** Grabbed food on our walk back and we are in for the rest of the evening. Pouring rain now. Sounds really pretty with the wind in the trees by pour flat. (Windows in most the buildings are always open. They don't use much heat or air conditioning.) ****** Lesson learned: when I watched shows like Friends or other shows in NYC I always wondered why you could always hear cop cars. Were there really that many crimes? Well it must be all big cities. We can't leave the windows open at night. About every 5-10 minutes there are sirens. It's crazy to this small town girl.

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godizlife said...

We live near a fire station. And a shopping center.hear sirens at least 2xs a day. It is annoying. But every 15 min. Would be awful. That jet boat pic is cool