Monday, July 31, 2017

Day 22 Zurich

I like Zurich. Think I would love Switzerland if I had time to explore her. Just not a lot of time to do what most peple do when they come here, hike, take long train rides up mountains, boat. This country seems like a place to come relax. Except the prices here are high. Realy high. It's the only place I've really noticed a difference. Today we shopped the main shopping street- Bahnhofstrasse. Walked that all the way down to Lake Zurich where we boarded a boat for an hour and a half round trip ride. Such beauty.
The mountains need to have a good rain though because although we could see some mountains with snow caps far off they were pretty hazy.
Walked back from the lake through old town Zurich along the river Limmat. I enjoyed This shopping more then any other country because there is not the hectic pace the other places have. Lots of streets for just pedestrians. Lots of stores. **** This is when we picked up our chocolates from 3 different chocolate stores. We will snack on some before bed and bring some home to Ben and Ethan. Would love to bring everyone some home but we are starting to feel like pack mules.
Lesson learned: when reading up on this trip I knew Paris was one of the fashion capitols of the world. But seriously the Swiss are the best dressed put together people. I would love to come here and be able to actually shop and bring things home. Today Alicia and I were limited to what we could fit in our already stuffed baggage. **************** Tomorrow we fly home. Won't feel relaxed until I'm on that second flight flying home from JFK. I now wish I had booked longer time between flights as once we get off our plane we go through passport control, baggage claims, customs, recheck baggage, back through inspection for our connecting flight all in 4 hours. Praying flights are on time, luggage is quickly out, and lines are short everywhere. But we are excited to be heading home soon.


rachel w said...

One more day until you are on your way home. Hooray! Feels like you have been gone forever. These pictures are so lovely. I'm glad you finally found chocolate

momaof4 said...

Looking forward to seeing you soon

Duo Na said...

Have a safe trip home! Thank you for making us a part of your trip with all the pictures, stories, and lessons learned. Hoping the jet lag doesn't hit too hard. Love you both!