Thursday, July 13, 2017

Day 4 Disney

I slept in a bit more than yesterday...3:30 am. Hoping I'll add a few more hours tomorrow. Had our French hotel breakfast before heading out for a new adventure.
Took our first train to Disneyland Paris, about an hour away. Everything worked pretty good and we were on our way. It's beautiful. Looks like a Disney property.
This is the entrance into the park.
We rode Phantom Manor, Dumbo, It's a Small World and Peter Pan in the first two hours and then things started to run less smoothly. Our feet started to hurt. But we trudged on. Did Star Tours and Buzz Light Year and then the crowds descended and wait times became longer then our tootsies could handle. We shopped quite a bit and visited the dragon under the castle.
But by 6 pm we were on a train back to Paris. We did over 20,000 steps before 6! We were happy it had been a nice warm sunny day at Disney so when we came out of the station in Paris I was surprised to see rain again. It has rained every day we have been here. **********We sadly have not eaten any dinners out. We usually are so tired we head to our room so by breakfast I am starving. I mentioned going out to see the Eiffel Tower tonight but was shot down. We are in for the night. *********Lessons learned:Buy all the bottled water you can at the last American airport you are at before landing in France. We have yet to find a brand we can actually finish.

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