Friday, July 14, 2017

Day 5 *Hotel Augustin room 205

Woke up at 3:30 again this morning but Alicia slept until 8ish throwing our plans out the window. By the time we were ready we decided to head shopping. Tried finding a bus that wasn't closed for the 14 July parade but couldn't find any and Alicia was not feeling good. She just wanted to go back to the hotel to watch the parade on tv. So back we went. figured we would try an uber when the parade ended but by that point she was asleep again.
(she might hate me posting this picture but I was bored while I waited for her to sleep!) *************I think I may have gone insane while she napped. So hard to stay quite lying in the dark and know Paris is just outside. She finally woke at 4 and we headed to a little store nearby. Grabbed some drinks and I planned on grabbing some food at the local restaurants nearby. When I got to the street with the restaurants I realized they are all closed for 14 July, fete nationale or bastille day. Tried room service, same problem. Alicia just isn't in the mood to go out so no dinner for us. I think I may starve. So many plans I had for restaurants or certain foods are foiled these last few days. Now we will wait to watch the sunset firework show on tv tonight and I plan on waking and getting a lot done on our last full day. "After all, tomorrow is another day." Lessons learned:pack jerky or nuts in case you can't find food! ***********P.S. found palatable water!


godizlife said...

Oh no..jet lag !! Poor Alicia. Sorry it's not working out to see places,those darn holidays!

Duo Na said...

So glad you're blogging through this all. Love the lessons that you're learning and also the pictures. Can't wait to read more! Love to you both!