Saturday, July 15, 2017

Day 6 the left bank of Paris

This morning I woke anxious to read my texts from Ben about his flight to Hawaii with Ethan and Drew. They arrived safely. ********We decided to skip breakfast and headed to the bus stop. Got there and there was no #84 which our apps said we should catch, so I ordered my first uber. We loved Notre Dame. We first checked the Cathedral out. Lots of beautiful stain glass windows, saints, candles. Incredible history.
Then we headed to the towers. Phew, that's a workout. 400 steps up spiral staircases. But it was a clear day and the views were super.
After the hike back down we headed to Shakespeare & Co. Such a fun bookstore with lots of history. If you've seen "Julie and Julia" or "Before Sunrise" or "Midnight in Paris" you would have seen this shop. They also stamp each book bought with their store stamp. Cute, cute place.
For lunch we headed to a crepe shop I had read great reviews on. It was down a charming little side street with a flower shop across the way. We both got a ham and cheese crepe and shared a mint crepe. Would like to be closer to this place. Yum. We did a little shopping and then grabbed another uber as we found out the bus we had wanted to catch this morning, also the one we wanted in the afternoon, is closed for July and August! Spent the rest of the day resting and packing for tomorrows move. We had a couple desserts from the gluten free bakery near by while watching the only English station -CNN.
Lesson learned: although I really liked our hotel I now would stay in the Latin Quarter if I ever returned. It had that French feel. Little streets everywhere with cafes and shopping. Our area has heavy car traffic and is more residential.


Duo Na said...

It all looks like so much fun! And those crepes look delicious.

red-headed Wilson's said...

Thanks for commenting. I look forward to a bit of connection with everyone when they comment.