Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Day 2 Can't Beat The Jet Lag

The taxi drive from the airport to our hotel should take 1 hour max in heavy traffic. But today it was nearly 2 hours. I felt bad for our driver as it's a flat rate. I loved seeing the buildings and houses, graffiti, crazy driving.
(our view from our teeny balcony)
Hotel Augustin is cute and a 2 minute walk too a small gluten free bakery. We tried to check in at 10:30 am but they said come back at 2. We left our luggage and headed out. But by now we'd been awake for more then 24 hours and just couldn't function. We wandered all around about 3 blocks for 3 hours and mostly sat on benches. We'd read a little then find a new bench. This area is great because I saw very few tourists. Mostly French people doing their French thing. Great people watching. We were really out of it. Wish we had taken pictures or bought food for later when bakeries were closed but we were just exhausted and not thinking. **************** We finally got our room at 2. Took shower and off to sleep. We decided we would nap and then read and watch shows the rest of the day. We'll get up early tomorrow and hit the ground hard. So nothing exciting on this trip yet. Though I did have a yummy gluten free Black Forest dessert and gluten free baquette. The bummer is Biospere Cafe may be really close to our hotel but they are only open 12-6 and on most of our days in Paris we won't be in this area at that time. :( *************** Lessons learned today: maybe book the hotel for the night before if you know you'll get in early, don't forget tylenol, buy extra pastries for late night snacks! ************* PS. We went in our first bookstore. It was really fun seeing favorite titles in French. Was tempted by a Harry Potter in French but it was a little spendy. Books are beautiful in any language.

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momaof4 said...

Set an alarm on my phone for the start of your day. Praying each day is just what you need.