Monday, July 24, 2017

Day 15 English Bus tour #2

We loved the last tour so much we have been looking forward to this one ever since. Today we headed to Stonehenge, Bath and a spot that they keep secret. Today was more driving and less getting out to take cool pictures. So I tried to get pictures from windows. We then arrived in Bath. I would love to spend some time exploring the area of Bath someday. Bath Abbey is kind of "the" building in town, besides the Roman Baths. Very beautiful. We then headed for Stonehenge. It had rained for the last few days. Rained last night. Rained before we left for the tour. So I was sure it was going to pour on us on that hill. But the day ended up being just gorgeous. Then we had a long ride back to London. Got in late. Ate a bit of dinner. Then off to bed. Tomorrow is our last day in London. Alicia and I agree that we will miss Britain. We don't want to leave. We are hoping Rome is as good. We also saw where they filmed Harry Potter's mom being killed! Lesson learned: not sure what we learned today. But what we've learned is if we could redo this trip we would spend most the time in the UK. Maybe a day trip to Paris. We did not see even half of what I wanted here. Some of that is because we decided to slow down and enjoy everything more but also Alicia and I don't have the same desires. I could come back here solo. Think London would be great to travel alone to. Paris is definitely for couples, maybe a group of girlfriends but London is for everyone. Alicia says she could move here someday. I Think I could live here.


Duo Na said...

I'm so sorry you have to leave London behind, but we would miss you very much if you stayed! The tea time looked wonderful and the pictures of your tour are beautiful. You should seriously be a travel agent since you put such great trips together!

godizlife said...

All those beautiful houses. Trip of a lifetime!!!