Friday, July 28, 2017

Day 19

This morning we were up early. Wanted to get on a train and beat the crowds to the beach. I had been nervous about today for a number of reasons. But it went great. The people at the train station were all so helpful. I was thankful later on when a man reminded us we needed to validate our ticket before getting on the train. On that train someone did come around checking everyone's tickets. That did not happen on the train back. I know the prayers said for me today worked! We got to the beach and rented a couple chairs and an umbrella. We pretty much read our books for near 3.5 hours there. Occasionally I'd run down and get my feet wet but we didn't go in like I had thought we might. I had bought water pouches for our phones but I had forgotten I would also have our passports and I did not want to leave those just lying around. Alicia needed a friend today. But it was nice seeing the ocean and laying in the sun listening to the ocean is the best way to read a book. Our view from our chairs. SNUCK A PICTURE OF ALICIA. Came back and had a late lunch of Fettuccine Bolognese at a place about 30 steps from the hotel. Yum. We cleaned up and rested for a bit then headed to the Vatican Museum for the special evening entry on Friday nights. The best thing ever. We were able to sit in the Sistine Chapel for the first 15 minutes with maybe only 50 others. By the time we left there were still only about 150 peple. Considering 25,000 people visit the Sistine Chapel every day it was a treat to see it the way we did. It's an incredible work of art. Incredible. I know his ceiling is the most famous but I thought his wall The Last Judgement was even better. You are not allowed to take pictures on that room. But I took pictures in the other museum rooms. I wish I could share pictures of Michelangelo's art. such detail. No empty space. ********** Lesson learned: One can get tired of gelato. We had some today but we just wish we could have a brownie or cookie or candy bar. I haven't seen those yet. We did get some strawberries and watermelon but some chocolate would be nice.


momaof4 said...

Love you. Praying for your trip 😘

Duo Na said...

Getting tired of gelato? Say it ain't so!

rachel w said...

I told this to the girls. Hannah couldnt believe it l. She said she would never be sick of gelato